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These images are taken from FLUID DYNAMICS, an exhibition at Waterstone Gallery closing August 30. FLUID DYNAMICS is both a celebration and a cautionary tale about our most valuable resource. Visual artist Shu-Ju Wang collaborated with poet and transgender activist Emily Newberry to create an edition of uniquely painted artist’s books of a suite of two poems, WATER. The inventive book structure allows the poems to be read in the round as water shifts between rain & snow, and the poet draws our attention to the continuity between seemingly distinct states of being.

While water changes easily and harmlessly between solid, liquid and gas, our relationship with water is undergoing a perilous transformation. The paintings of this exhibit focus on our connection to water — as giver of life, as tools for industrialization and exploration, as dumping ground. They are the beginning of an in-depth examination of our link with this life sustaining resource, and what it tells us about who we are.

Non Finito (I am not finished)


Heidi Cody, Julie Green, George D. Green, and Bill Hoppe

An invitational exhibition curated by Lucinda Parker

 August 7 - 30, 2014

Non Finito (I am not finished) features four established artists based in the Pacific Northwest: Heidi Cody, George D. Green, Julie Green, and Bill Hoppe. Invited to exhibit by Laura Russo Gallery artist Lucinda Parker, their work is startlingly distinct ranging from pop culture commentary, to virtuosic trompe l’oeil painting, to ceramics exploring personal narrative and the last meals of death row inmates,  to delicate abstractions that employ complex color and spatial illusion. With this selection, Parker brings artists with well established national reputations to audiences in the northwest for whom their work is less well known.


Additionally, the show was recently featured on an episode of OPB’s state of wonder, including an interview with Lucinda Parker, which can be heard here.

THE NARRATIVE IMPULSE: An Evening of Visual Art, Writing and Readings


Join writer Merridawn Duckler (l) and artist Ellen Goldschmidt (r) as they delve into the differences between visual and written narratives in a free form discussion, followed by open mic readings of prose, fiction, and poetry that riff on the images in Goldschmidt’s August show, Interlopers: Unintended Narratives.

Here’s a sampling from Merridawn of what we’ll be talking and thinking about:

Ellen is not putting language onto paper but inviting narrative to arrive out of image.  I’m wondering how this affects the viewer and the work.  Because language is overt and image wants to resist being pinned by meaning—like rain on glass, we can fling our ideas against it, but they disappear. As Blackfish’s only writer-member I’m interested in the influence—negative and positive—of words in art. To me, language and meaning are inextricable; I’m scared by the idea that they would be separated—totalitarian regimes manipulate language in exactly that way. But I’m also interested in the power image has to excite our narrative impulse. I think it’s a unification of two fundamental parts that make us human: what we see and what we say.

Sunday, August 17, 5-7 pm.  Light Refreshments.  Free and open to the public

Blackfish Gallery

420 NW 9th Ave.

Portland, OR